Sound Absorption

Our acoustic wall panels come in three types: fabric wrapped (NE Acoustic Panels), scrim faced (NE Fiber), and perforated metal panels (NE Metal Panels). They are customized for your needs. They reduce undesirable reflections in a space along with the reverberation noise (echoyness).

Sound Barriers

We offer mass loaded vinyl (MLV) with and without an acoustically absorptive side (NE MLV). The NE Quilted MLV provides a barrier while the absorption reduces reflections. Acoustical absorption is important for an enclosure or when reflections may increase noise levels.

We also provide perforated metal barriers (NE Metal Barriers). These lightweight panels have a solid exterior to block noise and perforated metal on the interior with fiberglass in the space between to absorb noise and reduce reflections.  The fiberglass and perforated metal can also be attached to a masonry wall.

Custom Sound Enclosures

We design and install custom enclosures that can have absorptive, transparent and operable components.  We build them to your needs to enclose loud equipment and provide the access and visibility that you need.