Noise Expert (NE) Flexible Enclosures are modular, reinforced limp-mass and quilted fiberglass composites designed to block noise or to act as a movable barrier between noisy and quiet areas. Are easy to install and can be moved for use in another location to accommodate machine or equipment relocation. Enclosure can yield noise reduction of 12-15 dBA. Are typically used for applications where accessibility, toughness, oil and chemical resistance, and an attractive appearance are required.

NE Flexible Enclosures can be floor mounted, ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or suspended from a roof deck.

Windows available. The windows provide visual access to areas within the enclosure or wall to see equipment operation, gauges, controls, and personnel without the need to open the enclosure.

NE Flexible Enclosures are furnished with Velcro self-adhering nylon closures along the entire length of each edge and grommets along the top.

Noise Expert (NE) Rigid Enclosures are fabricated of various thicknesses and materials depending on the level of noise control required for a particular application. Standard  panels are fabricated with an outer solid shell of 18 gage and inner perforated shell of 22 gage steel. Panels are stiffened with 18 gage internal channels and edge rails. The acoustic grade fill is 2.5 to 6 pcf long strand fiberglass or mineral wool, depending on the application, are inert, mildew resistant, vermin proof and incombustible. Standard panels are 4″ thick, but optional 2″ and 6″ panels are available to meet special requirements. Observation windows are available as double panel, wire reinforced, or tempered safety glass.

NE Rigid Enclosures are a highly effective means of noise control for industrial and mechanical equipment.

Noise Expert ensures the enclosed equipment or process is properly ventilated as to prevent overheating by choosing from our expansive product line of circular, rectangular, straight and elbow absorptive or reactive silencers and fixed-blade acoustic louvers.


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