NE Metal Panels

Noise Expert (NE) Metal Panels consist of NE Fiber with 22 gage perforated metal on top to protect it.

They can be used outside on a wall or inside on room walls.  Outside they can be attached on block walls or on building walls.

NE Metal Panels absorb noise impacting the wall to minimize the noise reflecting off of the wall.  Without absorption a wall can add to the noise levels because of the reflections.

We can joint panels and make many configurations.

Panels come in the size: 2 feet wide, 3 inches thick, and up to 12 feet long.

Noise Reduction Cofficient

Frequency (Hz) 3” NE Fiber with 22 gage perforated metal
125 0.22
250 0.77
500 1.12
1000 1.00
2000 0.78
4000 0.57
NRC 0.90

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