Environmental Noise

  • Sound level surveys (Leq, DNL, L10, L01, L50, L90)
  • Model and analyze noise from: traffic, aircraft, commercial, industrial, construction, light and heavy rail, power plant, aggregate mining, and housing projects
  • Determine federal/state/local noise code compliance and community noise exposure
  • Recommend methods for noise reduction
  • Design/specify noise mitigation measures
  • Prepare noise analysis reports for use in preparing environmental assessments
  • Provide expert testimony in public hearings, meetings, and court

Sound and Impact Isolation

  • Sound isolation (STC)
  • Impact insulation (IIC)
  • Measure (FSTC, FIIC), predict, and make recommendations
  • Provide acoustical privacy between occupied spaces or to control unwanted noise, such as from mechanical equipment or exterior sources

Room Acoustics

  • Reverberation time (T60)
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Sound quality
  • Control of echoes, reflections, and focusing
  • Architectural sound
  • Measure, predict, and make recommendations

Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control

  • Measure (NC, RC), predict, and make recommendations for the control of noise and vibration from mechanical equipment
  • Control noise and vibration from: fans, boilers, chillers, pumps, cooling towers, and piping are typically analyzed in order to meet noise guidelines

Industrial Noise

  • In-plant occupational noise surveys to determine OSHA compliance
  • Design hearing conservation programs
  • Recommend mitigation methods for vibration and noise reduction from industrial equipment

Product Noise

  • Noise Control
  • Certified Testing

Expert Testimony

  • Public Meetings
  • Legal Case

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