21 Arizona Road Noise Study

I’m going to discuss traffic noise evaluations. Whenever a street is extended, moved, altered, or another one is constructed and there are homes, schools, hospitals, places of worship adjacent, etc, a sound study is needed. The study looks to check whether sound mitigation should be installed.

Sound walls are the typical noise reducing measure utilized to reduce traffic. In a few places, reduction from RAC (rubber asphalt concrete) is permitted. You can move the street up, down or to one side or another but that does not commonly produce sufficient noise reduction. Now and again were sound alleviation is justified and sound walls are not plausible, purchasing properties or enhancing outer surface of a house is done. By and large by enhancing the windows.

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17 Road Noise for Hotels and Condos

Noise Expert has recently evaluated the exterior construction of a few different buildings being constructed near busy roads or highways. The buildings were proposed hotels and condominiums.

Architects, developers and builders can reduce traffic noise impacts by adjusting the site plan, architectural design, construction methods, and using barriers.

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5 Road Noise Analysis

Noise Expert is working on the noise study for the proposed Ina Road interchange at I-10 in Tucson, Arizona.  This is an ADOT project.  Noise Expert is responsible for the traffic noise model (TNM) which predicts the noise radiating from a road.  We are determining if noise mitigation measures (such as sound walls) are warranted.

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