22 T60 Reverberation Time

While analyzing an area containing an excessive amount echo or the noise buildup that is too high, reverberation time analysis is often used. Reverberation time is a measure of the time noise remains in a space soon after it is produced. Particularly, reverberation time pertains to the time needed for noise in a space to fall 60 dB following it being turned off.

The preferred reverberation time in a space depends upon its size, together with its use. For example, with talking, a short reverberation period is desired. Should the reverberation period be too long, a person listening will hear noise from more than one word at the same time and the speech will be garbled and not easily understood. Alternatively, for music in a space with a prolonged reverberation period, the musical notes blend collectively which is much more pleasing than dried lifeless noise. So how the area is used has a great deal to do with what reverberation period is most attractive.

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