14 Cell Tower Noise Evaluation Phoenix

Noise Expert (acoustical engineers) is evaluating the noise radiating from an existing cell tower.  The primary noise sources are the air conditioner units mounted to the equipment storage buildings.

The goal is to determine the noise levels from the air conditioning units at closest residences.  At the closest residences, there are many other noise sources including: traffic, residential air conditioning units, and aircraft.

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2 Scottsdale Call Center Speech Privacy

A call center in Scottsdale, Arizona asked Noise Expert to evaluate speech privacy at their open office facility.  They currently use a masking system that had inconsistent coverage to improve speech privacy.  The noise between workstations travels by several paths, including, diffracting over the partitions, through the partitions, around the partitions, reflected off of the ceiling, reflected off of the walls, and reflected within the workstation walls to other workstations.

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