24 Sound Isolation

Noise isolation is an acoustical issue we regularly confront. The two primary methods for noise to be transmitted is airborne and structure-borne. Airborne sound sources pass sound by the air which causes the partition (wall or floor ceiling) to vibrate.  The vibration is transmitted and produces noise on the other side. Airborne sound sources include: speech, TV (assuming the unit is not vibrating the partition), stereos, animals, etc.

Structure-borne sound is transmitted from a source vibrating the partition (wall or floor). The vibration of the partition produces sound on the other side. Examples of structure-borne sound sources include: sound from walking on a tile or wood floor, mechanical units (such as a roof top HVAC), plumbing in walls, etc.

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13 Office Building Sound Transmission Testing (FSTC)

Noise Expert (acoustical engineers) measured the Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC) for seven different walls in a Lockheed Martin office building.  The building was going to be remodeled and some of the rooms were going to have sensitive activity that required an FSTC 50.

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8 Litigation in Multi-Housing Buildings – Noise

The top 3 reasons for litigation encountered in multi-housing buildings. In fact, pets, parking and impact noises (footsteps such as high heels, falling objects, moving furniture, etc.) are the main sources of conflict experienced in condos, apartments and hotels. With the evolution of floor coverings in such environments (from carpet/resilient to wood), soundproofing is becoming a major concern in renovation and new construction. Today, before purchasing a housing unit, buyers are more than ever asking about the acoustical performance.

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6 Indoor Theme Parks

Noise Expert has evaluated the noise at several indoor attractions including: Sea Life and Lego Land.  The primary noise issues that we addressed was sound isolation between display areas (where walls do not go to the structure) and the room acoustics in various spaces.  Our study included predictions and measurements.

1 Gym Vibration and Sound Transmission to Adjacent Offices

Noise Expert conducted noise and vibration measurements and evaluation in an office complex in Scottsdale, Arizona. A free weight gym is located between two offices. The clients in the gym regularly drop heavy weights that cause the floor to vibrate in the adjacent office spaces. One solution for the vibration transfer though a shared concrete floor is to float the gym floor.

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