25 Vibration Control


Vibration is a disturbance that is put onto a system. Causes of vibration can be categorized as: continuous, impulsive, and intermittent.

Accelerometers (made of piezoelectric material) are used to measure vibration. Accelerometers gives off a small voltage when they are moved. This voltage is magnified and processed by a signal analyzer – generally in a computer.  The system is calibrated using a shaker. Calibration is performed by connecting the accelerometer to a calibrated shaker that moved up and down at a specific frequency and amplitude.

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1 Gym Vibration and Sound Transmission to Adjacent Offices

Noise Expert conducted noise and vibration measurements and evaluation in an office complex in Scottsdale, Arizona. A free weight gym is located between two offices. The clients in the gym regularly drop heavy weights that cause the floor to vibrate in the adjacent office spaces. One solution for the vibration transfer though a shared concrete floor is to float the gym floor.

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