Noise Expert is an acoustical consulting firm that works throughout the US conducting noise measurements, analysis, and reporting for environmental and architectural noise issues.

Noise Expert works on projects involving:

  • environmental noise regulations
  • room acoustics
  • sound and impact isolation
  • mechanical noise and vibration
  • industrial noise
  • product noise
  • acoustical products
  • expert testimony

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Complete Acoustical Services

Noise Measurements, Analysis, Reporting, Sound Absorption, Soundproofing, Installation


Acoustical Products


Room Acoustics

Industrial Noise

Environmental Noise

Sound & Impact Isolation

Vibration & Noise Testing

Mechanical Noise & Vibration Control

We work throughout the US and Mexico

Types of Projects

Noise Expert works work with: engineers, architects, property managers, office managers, contractors, designers, product developers, human resources, etc. The types of projects we work on include:

  • Environmental – (Leq, dBA, DNL, L10, L90) roads, highways, airports, light and heavy rail, industry, commercial, mechanical sources, mines, retail, shooting ranges, race tracks, pool pumps
  • Room Acoustics – (T60, speech intelligibility, sound quality) churches, synagogues, schools, offices, conference rooms, courts, call centers, universities, recording studios, restaurants, libraries, hospitals
  • Industrial Noise – (OSHA noise limits) worker noise exposure in factories
  • Sound and Impact Isolation – (STC, IIC) between condominiums, offices, adjacent commercial spaces, retail spaces, industrial
  • Mechanical Noise and Vibration – (RC, NC, dBV) schools, hospitals, retail stores, residential, offices,
  • Vibration Measurements – MRI vibration compliance, blasting vibration, rail vibration at residences
  • Product Noise – reducing noise from products, measuring compliance with noise standards
  • Expert Testimony – mechanical noise, gun shot noise, speech ineligibility, reasonable mechanical noise levels, uniform building code compliance