Noise Expert (NE) Acoustic Panels are fabric wrapped fiberglass ridged panels that can be mounted to walls or ceilings.

The noise reduction coefficient (NRC) indicates the amount of sound that is absorbed.  An NRC of 0 indicates a perfectly reflective surface (smooth concrete for example) and an NRC of 1 indicates a perfectly absorptive surface (such as an open window).

You can use NE Fiber in rooms, enclosures, and on sound barriers to reduce acoustical reflections.

Panels come in multiples of 2’ wide and long (for example: 2’x4’, 4’x4’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, …). t comes in rolls of 4’ x 50’.  The density of the fiberglass is 8 lbs/foot3.  It is 1” o 2” thick.

Noise Reduction Coefficient
Frequency (Hz) 1″ thick 2″ thick
125 0.15 0.53
250 0.42 0.86
500 1.00 1.04
1000 1.00 1.01
2000 0.72 0.75
4000 0.63 0.68
NRC 0.80 1.00

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