Noise Expert (NE) Metal Barriers are made with NE Fiber inside a 22 gage perforated metal front panels and a 16 gage solid metal back panel.  It blocks and absorbs noise.

NE Metal Barriers absorb the noise that impact the wall so there are no reflection.  Without absorption walls can add to the noise level with the reflected noise.

We can join them and make many different forms.  We can make a wall on the ground or on a building.  We can enclose equipment that make noise or install them along highways or rail roads.

Noise Expert can help you construct a customized solution that fits your needs.

They come in panels that are 2 feet wide, 3 inches thick and up to 12 feet long.

Noise Reduction Coefficient
Frequency (Hz) 1″ thick 2″ thick
125 0.05 0.12
250 0.3 0.66
500 0.6 1.04
1000 0.87 1.08
2000 0.98 1.04
4000 1.05 1.07
NRC 0.7 0.95

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