Noise Expert (NE) Quilted MLV is a flexible vinyl barrier with fiberglass quilted to both sides.

NE Quilted MLV can be hung from fences, put on metal frames and painted. The does not shrink or rot.

Grommets can be installed in the NE Quilted MLV to make it easies to install. Velcro can be sewn on the edges to make them easy to connect.

They are less expensive and more versatile than rigid barriers.

They are washable.

It comes in rolls measuring 4 feet x 25 feet.

Noise Reduction Cofficient
Frequency (Hz) 2” fiber on both sides
125 0.12
250 0.33
500 0.79
1000 1.02
2000 1.04
4000 1.02
NRC 0.80

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

Frequency (Hz) 1 pound/ft2
125 11
250 16
500 28
1000 41
2000 50
4000 53
STC 29

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