Noise Expert (acoustical engineers) is evaluating the noise radiating from an existing cell tower.  The primary noise sources are the air conditioner units mounted to the equipment storage buildings.

The goal is to determine the noise levels from the air conditioning units at closest residences.  At the closest residences, there are many other noise sources including: traffic, residential air conditioning units, and aircraft.

There are three cell phone companies using this cell tower (Verizon, Sprint and AT&T) and each has their own equipment buildings.  Getting all of the units turned on and off at the same time would be difficult.

We measured the existing noise levels at the closest residences with all noise sources while the cell tower units were operating.  The noise levels exceeded the Chandler, Arizona noise limit; hence, we measured the noise level of the AC units at a known distance close to the cell tower.

We predicted the noise level from the cell tower units at the closest residences.  We compared these noise levels with the city noise limit.

They were in compliance, so no additional noise mitigation was needed.  We summarized our findings in a report.  If they needed additional mitigation, we would have helped provide it.

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