Noise Expert (acoustical engineers) conducted noise studies for proposed Compressed Natural Gass (CNG) fueling stations in New Mexico, Texas, Connecticut, California, and New York. The operations generally consist of a fast fill dispenser island and several time fill spaces that operated 24 hours each day. The time fill spaces are used for fleet vehicles. The twin compressor can operated 24 hours per day.

The compressor is the largest noise producer followed by the vehicle noise.

Noise Expert measured the noise at five existing CNG fueling facilities in Texas and Arizona to establish reference noise levels for the proposed facilities.  Using the reference noise levels, the proposed layouts and operation and manufacturers’ noise data, Noise Expert predicted the noise at the nearest noise sensitive receivers (mostly residences).  The noise regulations from state to state varied greatly.  Where noise mitigation was necessary, Noise Expert worked with the companies to install noise mitigation.

The primary mitigation measures that were used was barriers (with acoustical absorption on the noise source side) and controlling the speed of vehicles.

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