Noise Expert has been monitoring and evaluating the noise from greater sage grouse leks near a new mining operation.  The noise thresholds were set based on the pre-project noise levels measured last year.  We are conducting continuous noise measurements during mating season to prevent impacts from the mine.

It is critical to conduct complete noise measurements before the project begins because that will be used to establish the noise threshold.  The current practice is to set the threshold at the pre-project hourly L90 noise level plus 10 dBA.  The hourly L50 is compared to the threshold to determine exceedances.  For our current project in Nevada, if we have seven exceedances we need to take noise mitigation measures.

The goal should be to compare calm pre-project morning noise levels with calm morning noise levels with the mine operating.

We are conducting continuous noise measurements and have the data downloaded daily and sent to us to evaluate.  One challenge it to separate the various noise sources based on the data we receive to determine how much is from the mine (wind, highway, birds, insects, mining activity).  We use a weather station, a noise monitor at the highway, and an audio recorder at the leks to help with this process.  We use octave noise data along with hourly and one-minute history data as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like our assistance with greater sage grouse noise monitoring. 480-332-9325,,

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