Noise Expert (acoustical engineers) recently completed an evaluation of a theatre located in Prescott, Arizona.  The challenge was that they wanted to preserved a barrel vaulted ceiling.  The ceiling is not steeply sloped – the focal point is several feet below the floor.

We started by evaluating the reverberation time and determining the amount of acoustical absorption needed to provide a good environmental for speech and music.  We used the volume, proposed uses, and reference data to determine a target reverberation time.

We then did a ray trace diagram analysis to determine where acoustical absorption should be placed.  The ceiling was an option for some of the absorption and we worked around the windows and wall features to come up with places for the recommended amount of absorption.

We look forward to seeing and testing the facility when it is complete.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like our assistance with acoustical evaluations. 480-332-9325,,

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