Noise Expert (acoustical engineers) recently worked on a noise study for a proposed WalMart in Yuma, Arizona.

The City of Yuma has a noise ordinance of 55 dBA during daytime hours and 45 dBA during nighttime hours.  Where the ambient noise level is greater than the noise limit, the limit will be increased to the ambient noise level.

For our part, the project consisted of measuring the ambient noise levels at residences in the vicinity of the project to determine the noise limits.

Based on a description of the proposed operation and reference noise levels obtained at other WalMart stores, we predicted the noise that could radiate from the facility.

The primary noise sources include: rooftop mechanical units, delivery trucks, and parking lot noise.  We evaluated noise mitigation options to reduce the noise radiating from the operations to the nearby residences.  After discussing noise mitigation options with the architect, we helped with the final design and selection.

We will be available at address acoustical issues at public meetings, as needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like our assistance with noise evaluations. 480-332-9325,,

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